Body of a man found in toilet cubicle at Tukkies

Body of a man found in toilet cubicle at Tukkies

Toilet Cubicle Semarang - Brooklyn police are investigating a case of murder after the body of a man was found inside a toilet cubicle at the University of Pretoria.

Police say the 65-year-old was reported missing by his wife yesterday after he failed to return home from work.

It’s understood he was employed as a project manager at the university.

The police’s Collette Weilbach said no arrests have been made.

“A search for the missing man was conducted throughout the night. And at about 4:30 this morning, his body was discovered by campus security officers in a toilet cubicle at the administration building.”

Weilbach added that a plastic bag was tied around his neck.

“Police are processing information and have opened a murder case for further investigation.”

The university’s Anna-Retha Bouwer says they are working with the police.

“The University of Pretoria is deeply shocked and saddened by the death of an employee at one of its buildings, on the Hatfield campus. The matter is currently being investigated by the Brooklyn police [and] the university will await the outcome thereof before any further internal investigation will take place.”

Breastfeeding mum pumped milk in ‘filthy toilet cubicle’ before Hong Kong company converted an interview room

Breastfeeding mum pumped milk in ‘filthy toilet cubicle’ before Hong Kong company converted an interview room

Emily Shiu Tsz-ling used to hide in filthy toilet cubicles at work to pump breast milk for her newborn. “I couldn’t touch anything while I was pumping milk, the hygiene was so bad,” Shiu, a senior human resources officer, said. “I would feel stressed when there were people lining up outside [to use the cubicle] and produced less milk as a result.”

Thanks to the introduction of a breastfeeding policy, her company, Prince Jewellery and Watch, converted an interview room into a nursing room and Shiu can now comfortably prepare meals for her second child, a four-month-old girl.

But she remains in the minority and women’s concern groups have called for incentives for companies to run family friendly policies.

A Department of Health survey, conducted in June and July last year, found only 18.6 per cent of 2,000 interviewees, said breastfeeding-friendly policies were offered at their work, yet 89 per cent were supportive of them.

A separate study, released by Unicef Hong Kong, found that only around 27 per cent of mothers were still exclusively breastfeeding their children at four months old, down from 86 per cent who had initiated breastfeeding on the day of discharge from hospital.

A breastfeeding campaign, co-organised by Unicef Hong Kong and the Food and Health Bureau was launched in August, with some 65 local companies signing up, including Shiu’s.

“With space and time for me to pump milk, I don’t need to worry so much at work and I can still give the best to my children,” she said. “It’s alright as long as there is a locked door or curtain, an electrical outlet for the milk pump, a chair and a table for us to place things,” she said, adding that a separate fridge for storing milk was a bonus.

The company’s vice chairman and executive director Emily Tang Xuan Hongyan said a responsible employer should support working mothers. “They don’t have to stop breastfeeding because of work... if the company has the ability to help, it is our responsibility,” said Tang.

It cost the company around HK$2,000 to convert the existing room into a nursing room, including the addition of curtain and a small fridge for storing breast milk, according to Cady Lee Chi-yan, human resources manager at the company.

In addition to companies, more than 60 restaurants have also said yes to the ongoing breastfeeding campaign, meaning they agreed to provide a separate seat or corner for mothers to breastfeed.

Professor Sophia Chan Siu-chee, under secretary for food and health, said the bureau would further promote the measures to small and medium-sized enterprises, though she anticipated greater obstacles due to smaller numbers of staff and limited office space.

Au Yeung Po-chun, vice-chairman of the Women’s Development Association, said the government should look to create other family friendly measures.

“Could companies pay for the childcare services to support the staff?” said Yeung, adding that the government has been running similar incentive schemes for employers hiring physically disabled and middle-aged employees. - Toilet Cubicle Jakarta

10 Most Popular Car Brands In Indonesia

10 Most Popular Car Brands In Indonesia

10 Most Popular Car Brands In Indonesia

Cars may be categorized as luxury items, but now begins to become more easily bought the general public, especially the upper middle, because the price varied by offering cheap car equipped installment is quite tempting primarily intended for young children, young executives, young families productive and dynamic ,

Essentially, the current car is not just a status aja but rather on the function of each type of car such as the need for families, for businesses such as a car or a pickup truck for the owner to support the effort or to make it safer to drive.

Speaking of cars, certainly not free from congestion, though not just because of the number of cars more and more on the streets, but also other vehicles that are not orderly traffic and the roads are not increased sdan not smooth to keep pace with the number of motorists.

Of the many cars were there, there were 10 of the most popular car brands in Indonesia for all purposes of each customer, including:

1. Toyota

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) is an automobile manufacturer from Japan, based in Toyota, Aichi. Currently, Toyota is the largest car manufacturer in the world producing. The company is capable of producing one car every 50 minutes and produces 8 to 8.5 million cars worldwide each year.

In addition to producing cars, Toyota also provides financial services, and also memjbuat robot. Not only that, Toyota has the most shares of Daihatsu and Hino, and has a small part of Subaru and Isuzu shares.

In Indonesia alone, Toyota is the most popular car brands and most widely used, including for low-cost cars Toyota Agya and Avanza which became one of the best-selling car in 2015 beat his rival with the same type of car classes. Car also noted that more than 23,000 units of the Toyota brand cars were sold in the first five months of 2015.

2. Honda

Honda Motor Company, Ltd. is a manufacturer of cars, trucks, motorcycles and scooters from Japan. They also make all-terrain vehicle (ATV), electric generators, marine engines, and garden equipment.

Honda was founded on 24 September 1948 by Soichiro Honda. Honda is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world since 1959. Honda succeeded in displacing Nissan as the second-largest carmaker in Japan in 2001. Today, Honda including the sixth largest automobile manufacturer in the world. In 2004, the company began to produce diesel motors, which are very quiet and do not require filters to be able to pass pollution standards.

Based on data reported, the beginning of the year until May 2015, recorded sales of Honda's third best-selling car after the Daihatsu with 11 301 units sold. In Indonesia alone most ngetrend of brands including Honda is Honda Brio and Honda Jazz is very much demand among the young and young kesekutif.

3. Daihatsu

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. is the oldest Japanese car company, better known for its cars are small / compact. In Indonesia the latest catchphrase claims to be the best family car manufacturers, it is proven by sales of family cars as well as the latest Xenia cheap car Ayla selling well in the market and was ranked number two after Toyota circuitry lebh sales of 14000 units.

Daihatsu headquarters in Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture. Daihatsu reconstituted in 1951 as the successor company of Hatsudoki and in 1960, they began exporting cars to Europe, although sales were not so good. Since February 1992, has become a habit for Toyota to sell Daihatsu products in North America.

In January 2011, Daihatsu announced that they will be out of the European market in 2013, due to the continued strength of the yen are causing losses for Daihatsu. [1] Sales of Daihatsu's own in Europe is sagging, from the previous 58,000 units in 2007, becoming only 19,000 units in 2010.

In 2011, Daihatsu invest about 20 billion yen ($ 238.9 million) in Indonesia to build a plant that will be used to produce smaller cars from Toyota Etios, the car was launched in India in December 2010. Construction construction is done on the land area 70,000 square meters and began on May 27, 2011. The plant began operating late 2012 and produce 100,000 cars per year.

4. Nissan

Nissan Motor Company Ltd. usually abbreviated as Nissan is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturers. This brand is a major division of the Nissan Group. Nissan formerly marketed under the Datsun brand until 1983. The main office is located in the Ginza area of ​​Chūō-ku, Tokyo but Nissan have moved their main offices to Nishi-ku, Yokohama in 2011, where construction began in 2007.

Nissan is the sixth largest automobile manufacturer in the world, behind Toyota, General Motors, Volkswagen AG, Hyundai Motor Group, and Ford in 2010. In 1999, Nissan formed an alliance with Renault S.A. from France, with Renault holding 43.4% stake in Nissan, while Nissan holds 15% stake in Renault in 2008. Along with the usual product lineup, Nissan's luxury car brand marketing also called Infiniti.

One engine Nissan VQ, has been in the top 10 best engines by Ward's version for 14 consecutive years. In Indonesia Nissan brand well known by the public interest in the car mainly because suspension is not in doubt. Although only sold over 2000 units of the car, Nissan still be one of the most attractive car brand in addition to Honda and Toyota. Especially with cheap car currently sold well in the market with the brand Datsun.

5. Suzuki

Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japanese company that manufactures vehicles such as cars, engines, ATV and motorcycle. In Indonesia, PT. Suzuki Indomobil Sales is a company that produces and markets cars, ATV and motorcycle brand Suzuki.

Suzuki still be one of the brands of cars that attracted many people of Indonesia in addition to the bike. One of the most salable are the type LCGC Suzuki Wagon is able to achieve the lower middle class consumers because they were cheaper and fuel efficient. Not only that type of family cars like Ertiga and stylish car Suzuki Swift for young people to compete with rivals such as Honda and Toyota.

6. KIA

Unlike Honda, Suzuki, Nissan, Toyota, all of which products from Japan, KIA is a Korean car brand, say so car brands Korea only the best known Indonesian society.

Kia is an abbreviation of "Korean International Automotive" or "Korea Industrial Autocar". or in the Korean language is Rising in Asia ". Kia established in 1944 in Seoul South Korea. Initially, Kia produces three-wheeled trucks. In 1992, Kia produces small truck with the name of Ceres. In 1998, When the economic crisis, Kia motors bankruptcy. But eventually bounce back after its shares bought by Hyundai Motors. Previously, Kia Motors own name called Asia Motors (years 1986-1990).

The main focus is the manufacturing industry KIA Motors cars and trucks. In 2014, Kia Motors sales gain of US $ 43.5 billion and a total profit of US $ 3.5 billion. In the same year, KIA Motors ranks 258 in the list of Global 2000, a list of the biggest companies in the world who was ranked by Forbes business magazine, with a total market value (market value) of US $ 22.8 billion and total assets of US $ 34, 3 billion.

In Indonesia, the KIA Picanto is one type of car KIA most demanding young people, because in addition to quite economical, Picanto speeds exceeding its class rivals such as the Nissan March and the Mitsubishi Mirage. However syaang from the list of 10 best-selling cars in 2015, KIA is not one of them.

7. Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi company was first established as a shipping firm by Yataro Iwasaki (1834-1885) in 1870. In 1873, its name was changed to Mitsubishi Shokai. Mitsubishi name consists of two words: "Mitsu" which means "three" and "Hishi" (which became "bishi" meaning under "rendaku"), and therefore there are three rhombus, which is reflected in the well-known logo. Interpreted as well as "three diamonds".

Mitsubishi has been founded in 1870, two years after the Meiji Restoration, the delivery services as the main business. This marked the beginning of mining to get the coal needed for ships, shipbuilding from the government to repair the ships used, setting up a steel plant to supply steel to the shipbuilding, marine insurance business started to service delivery, and so forth. Then, managerial resources and technological capabilities gained through the operation of the ship used to expand the business further into the manufacture of aircraft and equipment. Similarly, experience in overseas shipping resulted in the company's entry into the business of trading.

The company started mining coal in 1881 with the purchase Takashima mine and Hashima Island in 1890, for the production of the fuel a fleet of steamers. The company also diversified in shipbuilding, banking, insurance, warehousing and trade. Then diversification is also done in sectors such as paper, steel, glass, electrical equipment, aircraft, oil and real estate. Mitsubishi as a broad-based company, played an important role in the modernization of Japanese industry.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is a Japanese company that manufactures vehicles, especially cars. The company was founded on April 22, 1970 and is one of the companies under the banner of the Mitsubishi Group. Mitsubishi Motors headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan. The largest shareholder Mitsubishi Motors now is Takashi Nishioka. Mitsubishi car plant located in seven countries; Japan, Australia, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Thailand, United States, and Indonesia.

Now Mitsubishi Motors is an automotive company All 4 in Japan and Ke-13 World when viewed from unit sales in 2007.

8. BMW

BMW (which stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, or in English, Bavarian Motor Works) is a German automotive company which manufactures cars and motorcycles. BMW was founded in 1916 by Franz Josef Popp. BMW AG is the parent company of the car brand MINI and Rolls-Royce, which formerly Rover. BMW is known as one of the high-performance luxury cars, and also one of the first car company that uses technology ABS.

BMW has a history of success in Formula One. Cars that use the BMW engine has won 20 races. In 2006, BMW took over the Sauber team and became Formula One constructors. In 2007 and 2008, the team enjoyed several victories. The last win earned the team is in the Grand Prix of Canada, dated June 8, 2008 with rider Robert Kubica.

In Indonesia alone may make the cars BMW is one of the many luxury cars used on the Indonesian community in addition to Mercedes. In 2010 and 2012, BMW won the automotive segment in the list BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands. But unfortunately poisi Toyota was able to overtake BMW and leads the standings in 2006-2009 as well as 2011 and 2013.

9. Isuzu

Isuzu Motors Ltd. is a Japanese automotive company which manufactures a wide range of diesel-engined vehicles. Isuzu mostly produce commercial vehicles and heavy trucks. The company is based in Tokyo, was established in 1937. In 2005, Isuzu became a manufacturer of medium trucks and large trucks are the largest in the world. The company has a factory in Fujisawa, Tochigi prefectures and Hokkaido.

The company is famous for the diesel engine, the diesel engine produces 16 million in 2003, and can be found all over the world. The company employs 7,371 workers in 2007.

In Asia, Africa, and Europe, widely known Isuzu trucks of all sizes, after the sedan and compact car sales dropped drastically the late 1990s, and therefore also Isuzu close it. In 2006, Isuzu made an alliance with Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota bought 5.9% stake in Isuzu.

10. Datsun

Datsun is a car brand owned by Nissan Motor Company. Datsun used as a brand of Nissan vehicles exported in 1958 to 1986. In 2013, the Datsun brand was relaunched as a low-cost car Nissan.

The name was created in 1931 by the DAT Motorcar Co. for a new model of their car with the name "Datson". In 1933, after Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. control the DAT Motorcar Co., his name was changed to "Datsun". Datsun brand is quite famous for their sports car instance and Fairlady roadster Koupe Fairlady (240Z). Datsun is also quite famous in Indonesia in his day with a pick-up Datsun 620 (Datsun 1500).

Date March 20, 2012, Nissan announced that they revive the brand to market Indonesia, South Africa, India and Russia. Since appearance is fairly positive market response will be a car that is priced by type termurahnya less than 100 million. This car has a rapid sales when compared to Nissan with a sales price is more expensive although the quality is better.

Datsun currently marketed have two types namely Dastun Go LCGC and Datsun Go Panca Panca. Although still with a simple material quality, fairly stylish design and is marketed for young people, young families and young executives for the first time to buy a car. It was successful as a marketing straetegi Datsun and recorded able to sell 2,874 units in the country, was ranked 6th after Mitsubishi. - Hino Truck

The basic steps to take deals with Brazil Car Rentals

The basic steps to take deals with Brazil Car Rentals

There is a host of car rental companies in Brazil, and the traveler is likely to be overwhelmed about which company to go for. A good way to get an idea about the range of vehicles available for rent and their pricing is through the internet. Many of the car rental companies will even allow you to make an online booking of a car.

The basic steps to take deals with Brazil Car RentalsThe car rental experience various from city to city in Brazil. However, you should know the basic steps to take to make the whole ordeal easier upon yourself. Dealing with a car rental service is not something that requires a lot of thought and reflection in countries like Europe and the US. But here in Brazil, the scene is a bit different.

The relatively simple process of finding a car rental service and renting out a car can be rather challenging and chaotic in Brazil. It is therefore advised to brush up on some useful tactics that can help you with the whole process.

When going for a car rental in Brazil not only should you know the exact duration of your trip rather you should also have a fair sketch of the places where you would like to go in your rented car. By calculating the drive time and the sight seeing the time, you can determine for how long you will actually need the car. Once this aspect is determined, you will move on to searching for the best deal in Brazil.

You should also make sure your license will be valid at least for the duration of your trip otherwise you could lose your eligibility to rent out a car. Find out if your driving license will suffice or you need to make an international driving license.

Another useful tip for renting out cars in Brazil is to make sure you do all the planning well in advance. This way you can get a car rental service to reserve your car before your arrival. You must also inform your travel agent of the dates and places where you wish to take your rented car or you can visit website.

As the client, you will have the freedom to select the class of the vehicle as well as the size. You will also be telling the company about the duration for which you require the car. The drop off location of the rented car will also be decided between you and the company at this point. You may have a fee if you are looking to drop off your vehicle at a location other than where you receive it from.

Most of the car rental services will require you to pay for a certain amount of deposit for the car. It is also advised that you brush up on driving laws in Brazil as well as the traffic signs in order to avoid any unfavorable incidents.

When all is said and done, you must remember that the driving ethics in Brazil are far more aggressive than in the States. Hence you will have to change your style in order to make your way through the traffic in Brazil.

Advice On Cheap Hotels Near Disneyland

Advice On Cheap Hotels Near Disneyland

Visitors travel from far and wide to visit Disneyland. There is no vacation that is quite as magical as one spent in Disneyland. However, for many people, a Disney vacation may not be a reality due to the cost. It is not necessarily the cost of admission that puts off potential visitors, but it is often the cost of lodging for your vacation. Due to the number of visitors that pass through its gates, there are always many different hotels surrounding the park. The good news for those individuals who want to make the trip, but are worried about the finances is that there are cheap hotels near Disneyland that will help to keep their vacation within a budget.

Advice On Cheap Hotels Near DisneylandThe Jolly Roger Hotel is a great option for individuals and families on a budget. It has been extremely popular with visitors. The Jolly Roger Hotel is actually located adjacent to the Anaheim Convention Center. The great thing about this hotel is that it provides its guests with a complimentary shuttle service that will take them to some of the nearby attractions.

The Motel 6 - Anaheim-Main Gate is one of the cheap hotels near Disneyland. If you are staying at this hotel, it is actually merely steps from the main entrance of the Disneyland theme park. This hotel is pet-friendly, so if you want to be sure to bring your family pet on your vacation with you, then you can. Additionally, the Motel 6 has a swimming pool and a hot tub available for its guests so if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the park, then you can.

Of the cheap hotels near Disneyland, the Ramada Main Gate is one of the most popular. This is primary because the Ramada Main Gate offers its guests an incredible level of customer service. The attendants at the desk will actually help to purchase your Disneyland pictures and to arrange tours for you while on your trip. Additionally, they will even develop your pictures from your day in the park.

If you are looking for a bit more from a hotel, then you might want to investigate the Disney Paradise Pier Hotel. This hotel was made with surfers in mind. It is that design scheme that is carried throughout the entire hotel. There is a rooftop pool for guests to enjoy as well as the Paradise Theatre that showcases Disney films throughout the day. Or, if you are hoping to keep up your physical fitness routine while on vacation, you can take advantage of Micky's workout during the day.

The truth is that a visit to Disneyland can be affordable for everyone if you spend a bit of time planning and look for the right lodging options for you. There is a variety of cheap hotels near Disneyland for you to choose from. All that you need to do is to find the hotel that is the best fit for you!

For The Love Of Fashion: Protecting The Beauty Of Fashion Through Community Design Rights

For The Love Of Fashion: Protecting The Beauty Of Fashion Through Community Design Rights

While most fashion trends may come and go in a heartbeat, some never go out of style. The Birkin bag, Cartier's L⊝Ve bracelet, Chanel's classic flap bag - all unique, timeless, classic designs that have become synonymous with the brands that created them. - Jilbab Instan

The fashion industry invests significant resources to create new and original designs each season to entice the public. Despite this substantial investment, not enough use is made of design rights to register and protect the aesthetics of these vibrant and creative designs. Design rights protect both the 2D and 3D appearance of a product or part of that product, whether that be a fabric pattern or the shape of a shoe for example.

Why protect your design?

Designs are potentially extremely valuable property rights. Design rights can, for instance, be transferred (sold) or given in pledge to a bank as part of your company’s assets. They can also be licensed to third parties, such as retailers. In the fashion industry, successful designs of jewellery, watches, clothing, handbags, shoes and sunglasses are often copied. Even though copying is endemic in this industry, intellectual property law offers a raft of rights to fashion designers to stop others from unfairly benefiting from the designer's creativity and craftsmanship. - Jilbab Instan

Protecting your design in the European Union: the Community design

There are two different types of design rights in the European system of design protection; the protection of registered designs and of unregistered designs. The laws relating to these design rights are harmonised and a single Community design offers protection in all 28 countries of the European Union. - Jilbab Instan

To enjoy protection, the design has to be "new" and has to have an "individual character". The design is regarded as new if, on the date of filing, no identical design (being a design whose features differ only in immaterial details) has been made available to the public. Publicly disclosing your designs prior to registration, for instance by having your designs appear in fashion magazines or at a fashion show may result in having lost the ability to protect those designs. Fortunately, in Europe a designer has 12 months from first disclosure of a design to apply for registration (known as the grace period). This grace period can also be used to assess whether a particular design is likely to warrant the additional protection afforded by registration. - Jilbab Instan

A design is considered to have 'individual character' if the overall impression it produces on the 'informed user' differs from the overall impression produced on said user by any design which has been made available to the public previously. The informed user is a particularly observant user who, without being an expert or designer, will be aware of the various designs which exist in the sector concerned, possesses a certain degree of knowledge regarding the usual features of designs and, as a result of his/her interest in the products concerned, shows a relative high degree of attention when using them. For example in a case concerning handbag designs, it would be someone who knows and can differentiate between brands and styles of handbags, but not the handbag designer. The informed user might be for instance a fashionista or fashion blogger. - Jilbab Instan

A registered Community design is obtained through registration with the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM), which is a quick and relatively inexpensive procedure. Registration initially protects your design for 5 years from the date the application was filed. The design registration can be renewed for additional periods of 5 years with a maximum term of 25 years. For unregistered Community designs on the other hand, protection arises automatically and is effective as soon as the design has been made available, i.e. disclosed, to the public within the Community. An unregistered Community design provides protection for a period of only 3 years. - Jilbab Instan

Unregistered Community designs are often unfairly overlooked in the intellectual property armoury of rights. They provide a useful and cost-effective tool especially for fashion designs which have a relatively short product life cycle. The unregistered Community design provides important protection to fashion designers who struggle to realise return on their creative investments, particularly up and coming designers. - Jilbab Instan

Enforcement of design rights

By registering your designs, you can take action against infringing designs made by third parties. Specifically, the design owner can stop the use (which includes the manufacture, provision, trade, sale, supply, rental, import and export) of a product in which the design is incorporated and which is identical to, or creates the same overall impression as, the protected design. - Jilbab Instan

Another important difference between enforcing a registered Community design and a unregistered Community design is that in respect of the unregistered design right the designer must show that copying has taken place, whereas no such requirement exists for the registered right. It is therefore often easier to enforce the registered right. - Jilbab Instan

Finally, when determining infringement all that matters is the overall impression created by the two designs, not the exact number of changes that might have been made. It is important for designers to know that the persistent misconception that if you make seven changes to a design, it becomes a new design and does not infringe the original design is incorrect. - Jilbab Instan

Star Wars Battlefront: how to get the blaster EE-4

Star Wars Battlefront: how to get the blaster EE-4


In Star Wars Battlefront, the last title of he says, have an interested and small assortment of weapons. They are not many, but are very distinct from the other. There is a blaster for each player and situation, and in you mentioned are the best five of the base game. Although I already commented that there was a very good one in the package contained additional Bespin.

We are not going to say anything to not know because since one month ago this blaster is in all items. It does much harm, shoots several projectiles with some dispersion, which don't have to be very accurate to ascertain, and has a pretty decent nationally. Recently it has been nerfed but is still very good, it was a necessary Nerf because it was too powerful even at medium and long distances.

How to unlock the US-4 in Battlefront blaster

To make us with need, of course, DLC Bespin. Once in our possession we will contract Hutt, who gives us our dear friend Jabba. We unlock it in Exchange for money from the game and began the challenge. You have to get 30 kills with the blaster EE-3, three runs of blaster rifle and ten events in defense of the generator.

The first two requirements are very easy, since you do with playing one or two games with that blaster, one of the best in the game. And if it costs more, everything is to have patience, they are challenges that are completed without too much effort.

The third requirement can cost a little more for not being very clear. But neither has too much mystery. We have to play games of sabotage on Bespin and defend the generators caught during the games. IE: kill anyone who approaches the area of the generator as we have it in our power, is what Battlefront is an act of Defense.

Does not kill to come to activate it for the side of enemy or to protect it, but deaths while protecting it. The rebels have to activate, while with the Empire we must have it disabled. While this is the case, every death is an event of Defense, so neither will take much if we have clear home.

Do not miss all guides in Star Wars Battlefront games, to know the top five star charts, the top two cards feature and how to be a teacher with heroes and villains.

No Man’s Sky: how fast ship repair

No Man’s Sky: how fast ship repair


No Man's Sky is a survival that delivers what it promises. We started the game stranded in a strange, hostile or friendly planet with our crippled ship. So our story begins: collecting materials to repair the ship, and our team of collection of these materials: multi tool and viewfinder.

But what interests us most is soon off that planet, to discover other, which get more materials, technologies, species to make money, and visit space stations to trade with our inventory terse. If we stay long on the first planet, we will have too much inventory, plus the feeling that we will make progress soon. No Man's Sky is full of materials, do not worry about leaving behind one that you do not need immediately.

How quickly repair your ship in No Man's Sky

To get off our ship and to go to the next planet or space station system in which we are, we have to repair the propeller and engine Launch Pulse; for the first Carito need four sheets for the second two of the same, 200 20 Heridio and Zinc. Before you go crazy thinking, now what ?, we must consider that this planet will have everything we need, and may be closer than we create.

Some players have been kicked half the planet for 40 minutes looking for materials and returning all after being on the brink of death, they have seen the Heridio, a piece of dark block as a cathedral, only a few meters from the ship. So before starting to explore haphazardly, well look around, take five minutes to see what's nearby, lest you have everything right under your nose.

The best we can do is repair the scanner as soon as possible, which only cost us 25 carbon, one of the most common materials in the game. With this tool repaired, we will scan our immediate environment to see what materials there and what points of interest, or cargo technologies give us some more special materials. And 50 of iron, another common material that we beside the ship, repair the viewer, with which detect new species of plants and animals, and helps us identifcar materials (and got 200 money every time we discover something).

How to find materials to repair and loading the ship in No Man's Sky

With this equipment repaired exploration will be much easier to find what we need, we will very quickly and begin to explore the universe as soon as we want to leave our original planet. For Carito need 50 sheets of iron for each; we can probably catch it all around the ship.

Zinc is found in plants yellow hue, and can get quite collecting the plant, instead of using the extractor multitool. It's a little harder to find, but we will do little to explore; if you do not see on the surface, try to get into some pit, where there are concentrations of materials, usually concentrates more varied and above, are also very nice.

The other material to repair is the Heridio, is said to be rare, but not both, what happens is that it is not so widespread as iron. We will see in large rectangular blocks can be seen from far away. Hint: you've probably already seen some large iron block, those of Heridio are large and even more with a single block will have to spare.

But that's not the thing, now we need Plutonium and Tamio9 (pictured above) to charge both components of the ship and to start it. The first is as common as carbon, we will find in reddish tones as if they were red stalagmites: elongated crystals up. The Tamio9 is something more complicated, and so we find in plants with red tones ball-shaped end; the good thing is that when we have seen the first, we will see the rest no problem because they very easily recognized, and do not need much to load the ship.

With all this we have more than enough to have the ship ready to take off and leave the planet. Finally, look at to see more tips and only we recommend always keep in inventory gaps Carbon, Plutonium and Tamio9, which are probably the three materials most use in these bars of No Man's Sky, for which you have left a guide to start off the departure.

You are looking for a tablet with Android and Windows? Make it through these deals

You are looking for a tablet with Android and Windows? Make it through these deals


The tablets are increasingly an element essential for many lovers of technology. With them we can see series or movies, play, surf the Internet and even work thanks to the amount of useful applications and tools that exist to do so. But we are not going to deceive, although Android is our favorite operating system for mobile, still lacks a bit of maturity in tablets. And if we could fill these gaps with other operating system? What do you think of Windows? So, with these tablets will have Android and Windows all in one, and at prices of scandal!

The best tablets with Android and Windows offer

And if we talk about tablets cheap - but powerful - we must go without hesitation to China. Here is where best value for money products are finding, being as Chuwi or Teclast marks the true protagonists. For example, we can find the Chuwi Hi8, a device with 8 inch Android 4.4 KitKat and Windows 10, processor Z3736 to 2.16 GHz and 4,000 mAh battery. All this at a price of 85 euros or 92,89 dollars.

Her older sister, the Chuwi Hi8 Pro, follows the same footsteps as his predecessor, but improving small details. In this regard, we maintain screen size and resolution, but we see a jump in their Cherry Trail Z8300 processor, not to mention that on this occasion we have 5.1 Android Lollipop instead of KitKat, something much more normal for the times that run. Of course its price is also very attractive, since we find it by just 92,89 euros or 85 euros.

Thirdly we have the Teclast X 98 Plus II, a 9.7 inch very reminiscent of an iPad. But luckily we do not have with iOS, but with Android 5.1 Lollipop and Windows 10, something that makes it a very attractive and versatile gadget. It is complemented by all this 4 GB RAM, 64 GB of storage and a battery 8000 mAh, what about its price, 176 dollars or 162 euros.

Finally, as a bonus, if we do not want Android on our tablet, or convertible, we recommend an alternative such as Jumper Ezbook 2, a pretty and slim ultrabook of 14 inches with a price of infarction, just 190 dollars or 175 euros.

Environmental Health And Design Dedoholistic

Environmental Health And Design Dedoholistic


Environmental Health And Design Dedoholistic

Raising Your Environmental Consciousness For A Healthier and More Balanced Life Through Customized Interior Designs and Natural, Eco-friendly, Non-toxic Materials

Connecting with our environment, feeling in harmony with it, correcting physical and energetic disturbances to people and space, and using natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic materials and products are a cream sari must to preserve and/or restore our wellbeing and, consequently, our mind-body-spirit health.  To accomplish this, however, we need to be environmentally conscious and aware of some fundamental areas, each of which, by approaching health from a holistic perspective may, in the long run, highly contribute to our overall state of health and wellness.


Baubiologie. The first one of the areas we are referring to is the so called “Baubiologie”, or Building Biology, a relatively new term originated in Germany, which relates to the building/construction science and focuses on all possible substances able to act as irritants and which may be present or develop in all indoor living environments. This science is based on the assumption that environments such as residential, commercial, and public buildings can and do affect the health of those occupying them by producing either a relaxing or a stressful atmosphere, and, consequently, healthy or unhealthy conditions.  Hence, according to the Building Biology analyzing


Construction materials and processes

Electromagnetic fields (EMFS)

Radiation (EMR) and

Indoor air quality (IAQ)

is fundamental in determining the state of health, or the lack of it, of our environment.  The Institut für Baubiologie und Ökologie (IBN) (Institute for Building Biology and Ecology) in Neubeuern (Germany), has identified the following 25 Principles which should regulate the decision-making process of Building Biologists:


Building site without natural and human-made disturbances

Residential homes away from sources of emissions and noise

Low-density housing with sufficient green space

Personalized, natural, human- and family-oriented housing and settlements

Building without causing social burdens

Natural and unadulterated building materials

Natural regulation of indoor air humidity through humidity-buffering materials

Low total moisture content of a new building that dries out quickly

Well-balanced ratio between thermal insulation and heat retention

Optimal air and surface temperatures

Good indoor air quality through natural ventilation

Heating system based on radiant heat

Natural conditions of light, lighting and color

Changing the natural balance of background radiation as little as possible

Without human-made electromagnetic and radiofrequency radiation exposure

Building materials with low radioactivity levels

Human-oriented noise and vibration protection

With a pleasant or neutral smell and without outgassing toxins

Reduction of fungi, bacteria, dust and allergens as low as possible

Best possible drinking water quality

Causing no environmental problems

Minimizing energy consumption and utilizing as much renewable energy as possible

Building materials preferably from the local region without promoting exploitation of scarce and hazardous resources

Application of physiological and ergonomic findings to interior and furniture design

Consideration of harmonic measures, proportions and shape

Secondly, though still object of ongoing research and public debate, the impact, and potentially negative effect on health of Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs), Radio Frequency Fields (RFs), Microwave Radiation, due to their increased presence in our modern society as consequence of the continuous development and growth of high tech electrical and electronic appliances and devices, have raised legitimate concerns in the general public.  With the term Geopathologie, we refer, therefore, to “the study of disease in relation to regions, climates, and other environmental influences” (Online Medical Dictionary of Medical Terms).  No need to say, consequently, that we are all encouraged to maintain a watchful eye and exercise caution in terms of personal choices especially when it comes to the environment we live or work in.


When we speak about Environmental Health we also need to mention Permaculture and Sustainability.  The term Permaculture was first used by Australians Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in 1978 to indicate not only a “permanent agriculture” but a “permanent culture” as well.  Since start, therefore, Permaculture was intended as  “a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless labor; and of looking at plants and animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single product system.” (Bill Mollison).


That said, Permaculture is a branch of ecological design, ecological engineering, and environmental design which develops sustainable architectural and self-maintained agricultural system modeled from natural ecosystem.  Focused on


Care of the earth

Care of people

Return of surplus

and characterized by 12 design principles this discipline embraces Nature’s life cycles and patterns.  For a more detailed information and explanation, please keep reading Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia under “Permaculture”

Figure 1:     Organic Vegetable Garden


Sustainability refers to the ability to endure, to be productive over time.  Healthy ecosystems and environments, environmental science and conservation biology along with ecological economics – the latter including cultural, health-related and monetary-financial aspects are all included and taken into account through Sustainability.


Consequently, concepts such as




sustainable cities and/or communities


green building

sustainable agriculture

sustainable architecture

green technologies

renewable energy

healthier and greener lifestyles

all of which aiming at preserving natural resources while limiting  consumerism and human impact on Nature are different, yet complementary aspects of what sustainability implies.


For a more detailed information and explanation, please keep reading Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia under “Permaculture”

Figure 2:     Thatched House Building

Feng shui. Though rooted in Chinese geomancy and born as a divination system, the ancient methodology of Feng Shui, which literally means ‘wind-water’ and was widely used in ancient times to orient buildings, allows the analysis and determination of positive and negative flows of qi. The latter, also referred to as chi, life force, the Cosmic energy surrounding everything, and that can be translated as “air” contributes to our overall sense of wellness, inner peace, and harmony.  Consequently, no matter whether we approach it from an esoteric perspective based on Chinese astrology or just from a strictly holistic one focused on the mind-body-spirit connection, Feng-Shui presents some interesting features common to other natural, complementary methodologies, all of which are based on the premise that the energy flows circulating in, out, and throughout our living spaces, that is, inside and outside our buildings, do impact our mental and physical health.  That said, while concepts such as good or bad luck, the Nine Stars, and the Lucky Star may reflect its esoteric approach, elements such as the effects of clutter, the use of colors, lighting and magnets enable us to use Feng-Shui as a holistic discipline focusing on


The man’s state of mind and energy affecting positively or negatively the environments he lives and works in; and

The environmental conditions which affect his mental, emotional, and physical state.

This site, therefore, aims at considering Feng Shui as a holistic discipline focused on health and wellness while leaving its esoteric approach and implications to those who are interested in them.  As for the typology of the Feng Shui consultancies we offer, please, check the list under “Services”.   Thank you!